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We have highly sophisticated state-of-the-art technology to locate any drain clog. We utilize modern-day gadgets of the highest efficiency to find even the most stubborn and hidden clogs fast. Call Anaconda Drain Cleaning LLC in Taylor, MI for more information.

Locating a sewer line is a very important part of the overall process of solving the customer's problem. Having the ability to pinpoint the exact location and depth of the problem can save hours of digging and the mess associated with the "I think it's over here" line of thinking. Location is accomplished by means of a waterproof electronic radio transmitter.


This transmitter is used in conjunction with the sewer camera or all by itself. By attaching the transmitter to the camera, you can locate the area being viewed on the monitor. If only the location is needed, the transmitter can be pushed through the line with a sewer snake or push rod. Once the transmitter is in the line, the technician then uses a receiver to pick up the signal from the transmitter. Through a series of precise calibrations, the location and depth can then be determined.

Our Electronic Line Locating Service

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