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We Use Video Inspections for 100% Accuracy

No clog can get by us! We have everything needed to provide you with a detailed analysis regarding what is causing your blockage and what needs to be done to eliminate it.  

Anaconda Drain Cleaning LLC of Taylor, MI also offers pipeline video inspection. This is a process where we can insert our video inspection camera head and fiber optic push rod through any clean out or access point. This will allow the technician to push the camera along the inside of the line, while watching a crystal clear color picture on his monitor.

Pipeline Video Inspections

A video of the inspected line will also be provided, along with a written report of line condition. This service is useful for many reasons for inspections of a sewer line when buying or selling a home. It will also identify problems with lines such as root infiltration, back pitch, shifted lines, or line breakages.

We Provide You with a Video!

Video inspections of        your drain

    are available